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Technology in Our World

Artificial Intelligence is playing a growing role in all of our lives and we are seeing its massive societal impact in both private and public spheres.  Machine learning tools help personalise the ads you see online, the news you read and the products you purchase.  

Every time we send a text, use a credit card or sync a wearable device, we are sharing personal information about ourselves.  But what are the social consequences of AI? How is our information being used?  Who is setting the policies and regulation? And how can AI affect our privacy and civil liberties?

The ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology is leading the development of Artificial Intelligence and digital innovation. As humans are at the centre of our research, we want YOU to play a central role in shaping our research. 

We are inviting members of the public to participate in our upcoming Citizens’ Think-In event  series. These think-ins invite you to consider a series of scenarios relating to AI and discuss some of the outcomes that can arise from these new technological advancements.

By exploring the impact of these scenarios on the individual and society at large, we aim to uncover the emerging risks and opportunities of AI and explore how research can ensure the age of AI includes everyone.

The ADAPT Citizens’ Think-In series 2020 is funded by Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme.

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