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ADAPT Centre Supporting Startups from Concept to Spinout

At the ADAPT Centre entrepreneurs and researchers collaborate and innovate in conjunction with industry partners to solve the problems that will lead to commercial opportunities for spinout startup companies.

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Why ADAPT Centre

ADAPT startup teams come from ideas from internal research teams or from external entrepreneurs with early-stage ideas that require the knowledge and research expertise of a Higher Level Institution to realise a commercial offering. ADAPT brings together the right mix of research excellence, industry collaboration, funding application and entrepreneurial supports to successfully bring startups from concept to spinout startup companies.

A fusion of scientific and commercial excellence

Match World-leading Research with Commercial Ideas

At ADAPT we leverage our research excellence in Digital interaction technology to solve real-world industry problems that can lead to spinout startups. Typically our startup’s value proposition revolves around  fusing technology with the physical world to replace or enhance human interactions in existing workflows. We also collaborate with other schools such as Psychology, Engineering, Business and Neuroscience to bring together the research excellence for success

Industry Focus and Collaboration

Adapt Centre collaborates and works closely with the world’s leading technology companies and brands. This enables us to keep our startup research teams highly focused and driven by real customer and industry need. All of our startups validate their business opportunities with industry before applying for funding. The EI commercial feasibility study grant enables quick validation of ideas. And Adapt also provides pre-accelerator training in customer discovery and validation to develop the business case and secure trial partners.

Funding Application Supports

ADAPT supports startup teams in developing compelling funding applications underpinned by a  strong research road map, a validated business case and engaged trial partners. With this, ADAPT startup teams are well placed to secure EI University Commercialisation funding up to €350k, which provides the funding to develop and bring the opportunity to market in conjunction with industry trial partners. This approach greatly accelerates the opportunity from concept to reality.

Entrepreneurial and Commercialisation Support

ADAPT Centre’s commercialisation team, in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and the university technology transfer office, provide additional support to startup teams on their entire journey from concept to spinout startup company. This includes:

  • Concept development and research road map
  • Feasibility study, customer validation and securing trial partners
  • Funding applications and business case development.
  • Hiring/recruiting and project financial management
  • Project execution based on Lean startup, LeanUX, Design thinking and Agile delivery methodologies
  • Becoming investor-ready and securing funding
  • Spinning out of the University to become a campus company

Meet the Startup teams

AI powered Geolocation Software

Of Interest to: GIS, Telcoms and other utilities, city councils


 AI camera operator for football broadcasting.

Of Interest to: Sports Broadcasters

AI driven pharmacovigiliance

Of Interest to: Pharma & biotech, medical and clinical publishers, drug safety

AI publishing assistant

Of Interest to: Publishers, Newspapers, Journalists

Darwin and Goliath

Customisable AI Recommender system

Of Interest to: Small & Medium eCommerce enterprises

Intelligent notification creation, insight and control

Of Interest to: Marketing & CRM platforms, Online businesses

MILLA (Below Horizon)

AI driven language tutoring

Of Interest to: Language schools, Education boards

Making screen-time movement-based, active and fun

Of Interest to: Game Companies, Sporting bodies, Sporting Brands, Smart Toys, Health bodies

Pathfinder enables first responders to navigate smoke-filled buildings

Of Interest to: Fire brigades, Fire safety, Building Safety

Reducing work-related stress for Pilots

Of Interest to: Airlines, AirCorps, Aviation software and Safety


Using AI and computer vision for online fashion sizing

Of Interest to: Fashion, Retail, eCommerce

VertiGenius Identity Positive

Balance assistant for the rehabilitation of vertigo

Of Interest to: Physio and health practitioners, Health services


Customisable and expressive voice synthesis for games

Of Interest to: Gaming industry, Digital content producers

Get in Touch

Please get in touch to learn more about how the ADAPT Centre supports startup teams or to talk to any of the teams. 

We welcome inquires from: 

  • Entrepreneurs seeking University research to realise an idea
  • Researchers interested in turning their research into a spinout startup
  • If you are interested in working with one of the startup teams
  • Industry partners interested in working with or trialling our startups’ innovations
  • Investors interested in learning more
  • Media and Journalists interested in interviewing the teams


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