Right to be Forgotten: The Spark in the Powder Keg

A public lecture by Professor Luciano Floridi, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK.

Neill Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub, TCD
20th January 2016, 1pm

The recent ruling by the European Court of Justice in favour of the 'right to be forgotten' is part of the coming of age of our information society. The ruling unveils a tension between privacy and the value of controlling and shaping information about oneself, on the one hand, and freedom of speech and the value of having access to relevant information, on the other.

Current European data protection law is the expression of a time when there was a clear divide between online and offline. Today, that divide is being bridged in favour of the “onlife", a mixture of analogue and digital, physical and virtual experiences. More and more, our lives are spent and shaped in the infosphere. Rather than just trying to adopt small, incremental changes in old conceptual frameworks, merely adapting previous legislation, or tinkering with current technologies, we need new and bold ideas, and more dialogue. The information revolution has brought a remarkable capacity to tailor digital services and products for commercial and scientific ends. We must pay equal, if not more, attention to ethical ends, reflecting on how we may promote an “e-nvironmental” ethics for our infosphere.

Professor Floridi will be joined by the Minister of State for European Affairs and Data Protection, Darragh Murphy, Daragh O'Brien from data protection compliance consultancy Castlebridge Associates, and a representative from the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology.

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